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Where we discuss Tennis all the time, from every angle, top-to-bottom!

July 26, 2010

Campbell Academy student Eric Reed has lost 45 pounds in the 3 years he has been
in our tennis program.
BTW, he's a lefty whose aggression on every shot, and perfectionism
are a credit to the sport!

From David Nalbandian.org :
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Nalbandian has just defeated both Davydenko and Youzhny in Russia, ending their 17-match home winning streak!

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Nalbandian beat Del Potro at the year-end championship in Paris in November of 2008,

and in Basel in Oct. of 2008 avenging his loss a week earlier in Madrid.

2.Similar to Del Potro, Nalbandian beat Federer and Nadal in the same tourney,

It was on carpet indoors at the year-end championship of 2007.


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I am putting a shout out to two Naples Florida tennis pros: Vimal Patel and Anders Lennartsson. Go take a lesson from them!

Feel free to pose questions to: tennis2010@szotar.com

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July 31. 2010

Here's to Stanford's Men's Tennis program! Back in 1992, they had somewhat of a dream team. All four NCAA doubles finalists were from Stanford. Alex O'Brien and Chris Cocotos defeated Vimal Patel and Jason Yee. That was probably the first year ESPN-2 broadcast it. Of course, the winner went on to the U.S. Open, where they faced no other than John McEnroe and Michael Stich! BTW, Chris Cocotos is nicknamed "Pu," the Hawaiian word for Hurricane, and he comes from South Florida. I heard it was a close match -- 6-4,6-4 or 7-6. Chris Cocotos' mother was said to have videotaped it. After Alex O'Brien graduated, Cocotos paired with Michael Flannigan in doubles. By the way, right out of the gate, Alex O'Brien won the Challenger in Aptos, CA and also def. the great Richard Krajicek, a Wimbledon winner four years later. When Jason Yee, (nicknamed "Ginsu") as in Ginsu Knife (for his sharp volleys) graduated, Vimal Patel teamed with Jeff Salzenstein, (nicknamed "SalzZ" or "Salzy") whose huge lefty serve looked so much like Bernd Karbacher's. (I am not saying it was awkward, but very effective). Here's a shout out to Paul Galichia and Billy Wright (two handed forehand)- they are cool guys. Tough personalities on the team were Robert "Fat Head" Devens, or Bobby D, and Roman Sydorak.
Where are they now?
Chris Cocotos was teaching at John Newcombe's Ranch, then SMU, then got his MBA, worked for Lehman Brothers, now is on the down low in Texas, married with children.
Vimal Patel is at his own tennis academy, Tough Tennis in Naples, Florida.
Alex O'Brien is a cattle rancher in Texas.
Micheal Flannigan- last seen in Texas.
Jeff Salzenstein - coaching in Colorado.
Roman Sydorak - doctor,(pediatrics) last seen in Northern Calif
Billy Wright- lawyer. Southern Calif
Robert Devens - lawyer (mergers and acquisitions) - Northern Calif
Jason Yee, last seen in Colorado

July 26, 2010
I have just gotten the heads-up from Jeff Salzenstein, the recently retired
pro in the top 100 , whose win in the Aptos,CA challenger in 2003 was
really awesome...
that his new website, JeffSalzenstein.com
has him demonstrating Rafael Nadal's forehand technique.
You should all visit his teaching center in Colorado!

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January 22. 2008
Chuck, our webmaster wrote: I am excited to start seeing some results from practicing Serena's spin serve. Every time I see her play, it helps me in my game. I thought she was ON FIRE at the Australian Open. Her aggression is superb! Those volleys are psycho! Mary Carillo says she's the greatest of all time. I cannot disavow that!

Oct 18, 2007
Prevent cramps by drinking V8 or carrot juice. Gatorade hardly has any potassium! Forget that! Don't do like tennis player Marcos Baghdatis in his famous match vs. Andre Agassi and keep playing through cramps. I tried it and the cramps got so much worse I thought I would never unbend my leg or foot! Good thing a friend helped! Also, I am lucky I didn't suffer a hamstring pull!

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Ivan Lendl spotted on the tennis court with Andy Roddick!

Playing an exhibition match!

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Feeling better after hip surgery

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